Duck Hunting

Ducks are one of my favorite game species to hunt for so many reasons.

The anticipation of legal shooting light, which is 30 minutes before sunrise. Listening to the ducks starting to fly over as we are tucked away in a hidden area of a secluded lake. Seeing the first group of ducks dump into our decoy spread. Knowing any one of them we harvest could be the prized banded bird we all dream about, all the while watching one of my seasoned black Labradors retrieving birds, knowing they are having just as much fun as we are.

What to Expect

When you join me in this season this is what to expect. ..

We will meet several hours before sunrise at one of several lakes that I have intensely scouted the days before.

Waders will be required, and please remember it is typically cold, especially during late season waterfowling. Please dress in layers and prepare for extreme cold. Gloves, face mask, and hot hands make the cold disappear.

We will then make an exciting boat run through flooded timber, as our path is lighted with several LED bars on the bow of my 2012 1850 Gator Trax boat, which is equipped with a 5500 Mud Buddy.

I will set decoys up while describing why I choose the spread arrangement, and what I expect the birds to do in relation.

We hunt until we reach the limit, or we reach noon cut-off. I will teach and assist in any bird cleaning after our hunt.